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Here is a brief article outlining how to care for your mobile/trailer home.

Mobile Home Care and Maintenance

Mobile homes need care and maintenance as required by traditional homes. If you allow problems to continue, minor or significant, they give rise to bigger issues in your trailer home.

Problems should be fixed as soon as they arise. Remember proper maintenance is very important in order to ensure the value of your mobile home and saving money in the long run.

When you buy a mobile home then first thing to ensure is the accurate installation. Moreover you should read the manual provided thoroughly. Here are some useful tips that will help you care for your mobile home in a better way.


1. Use a long handled brush to remove debris accumulated on the roof. Similarly snow and ice should be removed from the roof.
2. Never walk on the roof directly. Place about 4 feet long boards lengthwise on the roof and place your weight on those boards.
3. Perform good quality coating of the roof, its closures, joints, vents and edges once in a year.
4. If shingles are missed or broken then replace them.


1. Use good quality acoustical ceiling paint to paint the dirt or stains accumulated on the ceiling. Cover the stains before painting them.
2. Use white chalk or shoe-polish on the scratches of the ceiling.
3. Use soft gum eraser to remove the dirt smudges on the ceiling.

Walls Coverings:

1. Soak soft cloth in mild detergent and use it to clean the vinyl coverings of wall.


1. Before placing anything heavy inside, make sure the area provides extra support to bear that weight. You can also inquire a local contractor about extra support needed for your trailer home.
2. Water is the biggest enemy of your floor. So clean water as soon as it is fallen somewhere. Also ensure there is no water leakage in the home.
3. Hire a professional for replacing old/damaged floor with a new one.


1. Use caulking or sealer to fill up the window leakage spots.
2. Use silicon/graphite lubricant to lubricate the windows.


1. If your trailer home is made up of steel frames then paint it to prevent rusting and corrosion.
2. If frames are scratched or damaged then apply asphaltic base, zinc chromate or some good paint on it.

Doors & Cabinets:

1. Add soap in hot water and clean doors with it.
2. Apply silicon spray on hinges to avoid squeaking.
3. Perform lubrication of locks with graphite.
4. Apply wax on the drawer guides and edges to make them move freely.
5. Apply mixture of boric acid and propylene glycol to eradicate termites.


1. Never let your gutters clogged with debris and clean them on regular basis.


1. Clean up the blades of fan once in a month. Use long handled brush or wet cloth to clean the dirt and grease accumulated on the blades.
2. Do oiling of the bearings of the fan.

Counter tops, Fiberglass fixtures & Porcelain Surfaces:

1. Use mild detergent mixed in warm water to clean the counter tops, porcelain surfaces and fiberglass fixtures.
2. Use chlorine bleach to remove the stains formed on porcelain surfaces.
3. Do not place hot utensils directly on the porcelain surfaces and use wired-racks or hot-pads.
4. Use paint to cover the scratches/damages formed on the surface.


Make sure that your trailer home is leveled properly. Some symptoms that show your home need leveling are:

1. Doors/windows are not properly closing.
2. Floor goes up or down while walking.
3. Bathtubs/sinks/gutters are not properly draining
4. There is space between walls and ceilings.
5. Dishes slide off the table or counter tops.

Matthew Kepnes is an expert at buying and maintaining trailer homes. Trailer homes often require more care than traditional homes and you should know what to look for when buying a trailer home. You can find additional facts about trailer homes on his website.

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