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A major remodel is a big decision.  Below is an article to help you prepare for a major renovation of your primary home.

How to Survive a Home Remodel

The good news is that you’re finally getting the house of your dreams. The bad news is that you need to live through months of remodeling to get there. Living in a house that’s being remodeled is stressful, but if you’re prepared, you can make it easier on the whole family.

Plan Ahead: Find out how long the home remodeling project will take. Consider how the work will disrupt your life and make contingencies for it. Also make plans in case something goes wrong. A power outage or plumbing emergency might necessitate decamping for a couple of days.

Establish Ground Rules: Talk to the contractor about what hours and which days of the week the crew will work. That will make it easier to plan your life around the renovation. Consider getting a portable toilet for the workers so yours will still be available. Tell them where they can park their trucks and establish how they will clean up the work site.

Set up a Living Area: Cover the entrances to the work area with plastic to avoid getting dust in the rest of the house; this will also establish a living area. If you’re having a kitchen remodeling job, set up a temporary kitchen with a microwave and hot plate, and designate a sink for washing dishes. Stock up on bottled water and paper plates and cups. You’ll need them if you lose the use of your plumbing at some point.

Store Your Belongings: Put away anything breakable and delicate. Even if your china cupboard isn’t in the work area, the vibrations from the machinery can cause things to crack or fall. If you can’t move some pieces of furniture, cover them with drop clothes so they won’t get coated in dust.

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