We have several interesting and surprisingly affordable plans for carports.  We can also do carports roofed with corrugated metal or plastic.  The low cost of the roofing materials can make these designs very affordable.

Our standard model carport which you see above in the pictures is also suitable for a covered backyard barbecue and picnic area.  

For little more than the cost of a generic pre-fabricated metal carport, you can have a structure designed to match your house and landscape.
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Wooden Carports: Pros and Cons

This article from carportsandsheds.com, gives you a little more information about wooden carports.

If you are considering building a carport or having one installed by a professional you have many options to choose from.  You can select from a number of materials, including wooden carports, metal carports, steel carports, aluminum carports and more.  There are many carport materials to choose from as well as a variety of different frame styles.

In this article we are going to look at some of the pros and cons of building a wooden carport.  Wooden car ports are among the sturdiest of all carport types and offer many benefits, but like any option, there are some limited drawbacks as well.

Wooden Carport Pros:

Strength and Durability – When a structure such as a carport is built out of wood, it offers strength and durability that is unsurpassed.  Wood car ports are stronger and more durable than almost any other type of carport.   They will not blow over, even in extreme wind conditions (as long as the wooden carport structure is properly anchored to the ground), will not dent or buckle, and should last a lifetime as long as the wood is properly treated to prevent water or insect damage.

Versatility – Since you can build a wooden carport frame in just about any size you want, a wood framed carport offers unlimited options as to what can be protected beneath it.  If you only have a small space or need to cover small cars or objects, you can build a small structure.  If you require a really tall or really large structure to house a truck, boat, RV or other vehicle, a wood frame carport can be built to accommodate any size.  You can also build freestanding wooden carports or those that attach to a home or building.

Ease of Construction – Wood structure car ports are fairly easy to construct and can even be completed by a do-it-yourselfer with some basic carpentry skills.  It is not always necessary when you are building a wood carport to have to purchase a pre-made structure.  Carports made from other materials are typically sold as a complete unit either assembled and installed or uninstalled.  If you want to construct a wooden carport but don’t want to start from scratch, you can purchase a wood frame carport kit which will make the job a bit easier, since it will come with all of the components that you will need to assemble the structure already pre-measured and pre-cut, but you will also have more options if you want to construct the carport from scratch on your own.  If you’re ready to tackle the project from the ground up, you can find designs of a free standing or attached wood carport online and then you should be able to easily adapt the plans to fit any size structure that you want.  Just search online for how to build a stationary or portable wood carport, and you should have no problem finding the information that you need.

Variety of Styles – When you build a wooden carport, you can design the structure in a wide variety of styles.  When using wood, you can construct a flat roof carport, an A-frame carport, a sloped roof carport or just about any type of roof you want.  The only roof style that will be difficult to accomplish with a wood carport is a domed roof, although you can always make the carport supporting structure out of wood and then put a flexible domed top above.  Wooden carports with flat roofs are the easiest to build and the strength of the wood will stand up to the weight of any rain or snow that falls (although it is best to cover the roof of the carport with shingles to prevent wood rot from standing water.)

Aesthetics – Wood carports in general look nicer than carports made from other materials.  They blend in better to an adjacent home or the natural surroundings.  Wooden carports can be painted or stained to match the look of a home or can easily be made to look like an intended attachment to a home’s exterior.  Metal, aluminum, steel or carports made from other man-made materials look more industrial in nature.

Wooden Carport Cons:

Maintenance – Since wood carports are made from wood, they will require more maintenance that carports made from metal, steel, aluminum or other materials.  This is the biggest drawback to using wood as the material for your carport.  Wood should at a minimum be sealed every few years to protect it from damage from the sun, water and insects.  To keep it looking its best, you may also want to consider staining or painting your wooden carport and if so, that needs to be done every few years.  Wood carports can last for years and years with the proper maintenance, but it is important to periodically check the structure for signs of rot or insect damage in order to maintain the integrity of the structure.

When considering wooden carport structures to protect your car or other vehicle, or simply to offer added garage space (although it is partially open), you will find that this type of structure provides many benefits with limited drawbacks.  The biggest drawback to building your carport structure from wood is the ongoing maintenance it will require over time to keep it looking and functioning at its best.  Aside from that one drawback, however, you will find that wooden carports offer you versatility and aesthetic options that are not found in other materials. 

Wooden carports can easily be constructed from scratch, assembled from wooden carport kits or you can find wood carports for sale that are fully assembled and installed for you.  Hiring a carpenter or contractor to build a custom wood carport based on any dimensions you need is also another option when you are looking to add a wood carport to your home.