1. Size Matters
We’re small enough to care, but big enough to get the job done.  In construction there is often a service gap for medium-sized jobs.  Handyman services can do small repairs but aren’t equipped or knowledgeable enough to handle larger jobs.  Bigger construction firms don’t want to hassle with the medium-sized jobs.   When a larger crews do a medium-size job they use it as a “filler”, leaving there best men and equipment on a larger job.

We fill the gap.  We have all the tools and knowledge for any job, but the personal care and attention that your home or business deserves.

2. Middle Men
When you work with us, you’re working directly with the persons doing the work.  We bid the job and do the job.  We work with people we know.  We won’t subcontract out your work to someone else we don’t know or can’t communicate with.  You’ll be given our personal cell phone number, and in most cases talk to the boss on the job directly.

3. We’re neat and clean
We pride ourselves on being quiet and respectful.  That means not leaving a mess behind and treating your property and things with concern and care.

4. We’re proud of our past
We’re proud of our many five star reviews and are willing to give multiple references and show examples of previous projects.  We have many photos online of our various projects, and have more available upon request. 

5. We honor our commitments
We pride ourselves in completing work on-time.  That means arriving early and staying till the job is done.  We generally do only one to two jobs at a time, meaning your job will always be a priority.