Hiring a Contractor: Making the Right Choice

by: BMA Editorial Team 3

If you have decided to remodel your home or build one from the ground up, hiring a contractor is the best way to go about it correctly. Now comes the task of finding the right one for your job. If you’re like many others, this can be an overwhelming process, but take heart. This article was written to assist you in finding out what you need to know before choosing the right contractor.

Obtain Quotes

It is standard practice to obtain quotes from at least three different contractors prior to making a decision. Ask to see their portfolios, including examples of projects they’ve been a part of. That way, if you see something similar to what you’re planning to do, you’ll know they have first hand experience in that specific craft. It’s also an excellent way to gather more ideas.

Check References

Ask for and actually call on references given to you by your prospects. This can provide you a wealth of information on the professionals you are potentially going to be dealing with.

Other Considerations

When you finally hire a contractor for your job, it is best to include in your contractual agreement how payment will be handled, and on what date the work will be completed. Consider negotiating a reward for work completed early, as well as compensation for you if the job surpasses the end date unfinished. Always obtain everything in writing and be specific in your expectations of each other. This prevents miscommunications that can prove to quickly sour the deal.

By considering these tips and words of advice, you can be confident in the decision you make when hiring a contractor…